On A Budget? Here's How To Save Money When Hiring A Painting Contractor

When you're on a tight budget but are needing some or all of the interior of your home painted, it's worthwhile to think about hiring a professional. While you might be considering the cost-saving benefits of doing the painting job on your own, this task can often be more easily said that done, which will leave you dealing with a sub-standard result when the job is complete. The good news is that many painting contractors are flexible with their pricing, which means that if you commit to performing a handful of different duties before the contractor's arrival, you could be looking at a lower cost estimate for the job. Here are some things that you can easily do to save money.

Prepare The Walls

Talk to your painting contractor about the type or price reduction you could get for preparing the walls in advance of the contractor's visit. Doing so will drastically cut down on the length of time the painter will need to commit to the project -- especially if there's plenty of work to be done -- which can lead to a lower estimate. Begin by pulling any nails, screws or picture hangers out of the walls. Then, with some drywall compound, fill all the holes on the walls that will be painted. You'll need to wait until the compound dries, but you can then sand the areas smooth to avoid the painting contractor having to do this work.

Remove The Baseboards

Painting contractors don't remove the baseboards for every painting job, but this can occasionally be a pre-painting step in certain instances. If your contractor has indicated that he or she will need to do this, see about the money you can save by doing it yourself. A thin pry bar and a hammer, as well as a little patience, can help you remove the baseboards throughout the rooms that will be painted.

Get The Rooms Ready

Beyond preparing the walls, there's plenty you can do in the way of getting the space ready for the painter's arrival. If the painter is going to be charging you an hourly rate, you'll be paying for him or her to move or cover your furniture, relocate your decor items and lay drop cloths around the area that needs to be painted. It's possible that you'll be able to save time and money by handling this task on your own. 

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