2 Things To Do Before Putting Your RV Up For Sale

If you're getting ready to sell your RV, then you should make sure it's in great shape. You want potential buyers to get a good first impression. The simple things include cleaning out the cabinets, making sure the exterior of the vehicle is washed and waxed, and that the engine is running smoothly. Beyond that there are two specific areas that you should pay close attention to. They are both very important to people who travel in RVs, so they need to be focused on.

Have The Generator Serviced

This is something you should definitely do. Many people who travel in RVs like the ability to boondock. This is the process of parking in an area without electrical or water hook up. They might not want to stay at a crowded RV campsite, or perhaps there are no free spots.

A generator is essential to have comfort while your RV is parked without a hook up to the grid. The generator will allow you to run your air conditioner, fridge, and other appliances without depleting the battery.

Especially if your RV has sat around for a while, then your generator should be serviced. The oil or gas could have gotten gunked up. This will cause the machine to rattle. A loud, noisy generator is a big turn off for potential buyers. The last thing they want to hear when they are parked in the middle of a quiet field is the rattling of a gunked up generator. So have a tech service it and make sure it's running smoothly.

Clean The Carpets and Upholstery

A RV is a vehicle, but it's also a home. People will eat their meals inside, sleep in the bedroom, and lounge around in the living room area. Because of this, it's very important that the carpets and upholstery be in excellent form.

It's not enough to simply vacuum your carpets. You should have them professionally cleaned. It will be worth it because no one wants to buy an RV with stained or dirty carpets.

You can have the carpets dry cleaned and also have the upholstery treated at the same time. This is a process that, depending upon the dirt and stains, could require pre-treatment solutions to help break down the organic compounds in the stain. These treatment solutions can be harsh, so it's best left to a professional, like those at Sergeant Steam LLC. If you go ahead and try and clean the carpet yourself using advanced chemicals, you might end up ruing the carpet.

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