How to Clean Your House Thoroughly

Have you come to the realization that it's time to give your house a thorough cleaning? Perhaps you'll be having out-of-town guests over the summer or perhaps you will be doing a lot of entertaining. For whatever reason you've decided that it's time to get serious about cleaning your home, here are some ideas that might help you to get the job done efficiently.

Make It a Family Affair. Even if your children are very small, having all hands on deck will make the house-cleaning job quicker and easier. 

  • Have a family meeting where you tell everybody what your goal is. Mark a day on your calendar and ask everybody to keep that day free. Explain that, until the job gets done that day, there will be no other activities.
  • Post a chart of everything that will need to be done and get family members to volunteer for each job.
  • Consider establishing cleaning teams. For example, older kids can help Dad in the garage while younger kids help Mom clean the fronts of kitchen cabinets.

The Big Day. Remember, the earlier in the day you start, the faster you'll be finished. Make sure everybody gets a good night's sleep the night before your cleaning project and think about preparing nutritious breakfast shakes to get everybody going in the morning.

  • Everybody should be in charge of his or her own belongings. Set up a location for things that will be going to charity or sold in a yard sale. Give everybody sturdy plastic bags for garbage.
  • This is when you'll use the chart you made for your family planning meeting. Post the chart so everybody will be reminded of their own responsibilities. It's also a good idea for you to give a time when each job should be complete. 
  • Think of giving individuals or teams caddies with cleaning supplies in them. Having individual caddies will eliminate having to wait until somebody else is finished using a certain product. Don't forget to include paper towels or plenty of rags.

Call For Help. After you have cleaned all that you can as a family, make room for professionals to complete the job.

  • Do you have very high windows that are too hard for you to reach? Professional window cleaners can make your windows sparkle. Besides having the right tools for the job, the cleaners have the experience needed to safely finish it. The money you spend on the service will be a lot less than a trip to the emergency room!
  • Have you vacuumed and spot cleaned over and over again only to find that you need professionals to get the carpet completely restored? The same goes for the upholstery on your furniture. Hiring professionals to handle your carpets means the fibers will be deep cleaned because the workers have special equipment to do that job. Upholstery cleaning services have the training to work with delicate fabrics. They will use products that are especially made for each type of fabric, from spot cleaning to overall sanitizing of each of your upholstered pieces of furniture. 

Don't forget to plan a wonderful family outing to show appreciation for a job well done on cleaning your house thoroughly.

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