Keeping A Healthier Home With Clean Carpets

In spite of the popularity of wood floors these days, carpet still holds a unending appeal for those desiring a cozy and warm atmosphere. However, when it comes to providing an optimum level of health for your family, keeping those carpets clean is paramount. Many carpet manufacturers actually require that carpets be cleaned regularly to maintain the warranty. After reading the information below, you'll understand the importance of protecting your family and pets from the harmful pollutants that a typical carpet can harbor.

Pollutants in Your Home

You are likely all too aware of the normal dirt and dust that can accumulate in your carpet from just day-to-day living, but your carpet can also harbor dangerous but nearly invisible irritants, such as bug pieces and pet dander. While a regular vacuuming can take care of most of the dirt that gets tracked in from the outdoors, the same vacuuming motions could make the problem worse by releasing more irritants into the air for you and your family to inhale.

Only a professional carpet cleaning will can kill bacteria and rid your home of those irritants, since these companies use special cleaning solutions followed with a an extremely powerful suction machine. The cleaning solution and irritants are completely removed using this method. It must be noted that those carpet shampoo machines that are rented by the day cannot match the power of a professional cleaning.

Dust Mites

These disgusting creatures are not visible without magnification, but if present in your carpet they can be inhaled, causing misery and allergic reactions in some. Only a professional cleaning using very hot water can kill these pests.


The ingredients for mold growth are easily supplied by most carpets: moisture and zero air circulation. It only takes a small amount of water to soak a carpet and its pad underneath, providing the perfect conditions for the growth of this harmful substance. You could just make matters even worse by shampooing your carpets yourself since you are only adding water without the strong vacuuming motion needed to remove the moisture to prevent more mold growth. When you consider that mold growth can cause skin irritation, wheezing and sinus issues, keeping your family healthy by hiring a professional carpet cleaner seems like a perfect solution.

Put the health and well-being of your family first by ensuring that your carpets are kept sparkling clean and free of irritants like dirt, dust mites and mold. Contact a local carpet cleaning company, such as Go Green Carpet Cleaning, for more information about keeping your carpet clean.

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