Reducing Tracking Of Mud On Your Office's Carpeting

If you own a medical practice, you most likely wish for your building's environment to remain clean, since it is the first impression your patients have when they walk into your establishment. During muddy weather the carpeting in your practice is at risk of becoming dirty from those who enter the building. Here are some steps you can take in minimizing the amount of dirt that gets tracked into your building.

Add Some Remnants

During especially muddy weather, place remnants of carpeting over the existing carpeting to help contain dirt as people walk through. These remnants can be purchased from a carpeting store and are usually rather inexpensive. Look for a color that blends in with your existing carpeting so they are not as noticeable. Bring the remnants outdoors and shake them at the end of the day to remove trapped dirt. They can be vacuumed as well. When conditions do not require added protection, roll up the remnants and store them for the next rainy or snowy day.

Give A Reminder

Gently remind patients to wipe their feet at the door via a sign you set up right in the entryway. Place a printed sign on an easel and place it in view so each person adheres to its requests when they enter the building.

Increase Cleaning Frequency

At times when muddy weather is present, your carpeting needs more care to keep it clean. Ask your office cleaning service to vacuum floors more frequently during these times. They can also use steam cleaning equipment more often to remove dirt from high-traffic areas.

Failing to remove dirt during muddy conditions can lead to damaged carpet areas. Small pebbles or jagged dirt pieces become pushed into the carpeting as other people walk over the dirt people track inside. This can rip the material of your carpeting as the pieces are dragged across the material. Frequent cleaning will help make this scenario less likely.

Add Some Protection

Use a topically added dirt repellent to your carpeting. To make sure the repellent you choose doesn't harm the carpeting, go to your local carpeting store to inquire about what materials will best keep dirt and stains from being a problem for the specific material your carpeting is made from. They will recommend an appropriate product. Spray on the repellent to help keep dirt from staining the fibers. This barrier will also help reduce the risk of staining.

Consider Another Flooring

If dirty carpeting is constantly a problem in your doctor's office, consider swapping it for other flooring choices. Carpeting can harbor germs in waiting room areas, making it a poor choice to use in a doctor's office environment. Purchase another flooring for easy cleanup and less spread of bacteria throughout your establishment. If you still wish to use carpeting, keep it contained in areas where patients are not present, such as in your personal office. Contact a cleaning service, like Miracle Maids Inc., for more help.

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