Foster Magic And Mystery All Around Your Property With These Clever Fairy Garden Ideas

A fairy garden is a fun and magical accent for yards and properties of all sizes. You can create one of these minuscule gardens practically anywhere, often utilizing discarded or damaged items. You can also make use of inherent yard features, like an old tree stump, and transform it into a captivating display that captures the attention of anyone entering the space.

Some clever and constructive approaches to these tiny gardens include the following:


Recycle an old wheelbarrow and turn it into a focal point of your yard. First, layer with plastic or a liner to protect the metal bottom or to prevent leaks if using a damaged, rusted wheelbarrow. Add a thin layer of gravel before covering with a couple inches of soil.

  • Add small seedlings of plants like impatiens, marigolds, and even grass.
  • Create paths with a trail of white sand, available in most crafting stores.
  • Dig a shallow hole to sink a stainless steel bowl; a half-cup size works well. Fill with water and conceal the rim with soil for your garden's water feature.
  • Add a few tiny trinkets, figurines, or ceramic houses to finish your garden.

A tree stump.

Turn a common eyesore, a tree stump, into a wondrous tiny garden. Find a crevice or dip on the top side of the stump; it doesn't need to be a flat surface. Use soil to fill in the crevices and then add tiny figures or trinkets to create your garden; the tiny ceramic animals often found in boxes of tea bags work well for these displays.

A wagon.

An old wagon is an ideal container for a fairy garden, even in the smallest of spaces such as a patio or terrace. Line the wagon to prevent further deterioration and add gravel and soil to the rim. Now, dig and create features like hills or sunken areas for ponds, as previously described. Accent with a couple of rustic birdhouses and some small resin figurines.

Fairy gardens are as much fun to make as they are to look at, and creating these magical mini-gardens is easy. Putting together a fairy garden is an excellent project for kids too, and they may have some imaginative ideas that make your display different than any other. Talk with gardening retailers about supplies needed for these contained gardens, and check out online sites for cute, whimsical accents to make your garden stand out.

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