Four Reasons To Hire Janitorial Cleaning Services To Prevent Allergy Flares

Severe allergy symptoms are something many people suffer from every year. Most of the time, these allergy symptoms can be avoided. This is because what many people don't realize is that it's not just the pollen in the air that is causing the allergy flares, but also the dust and debris in the home and office space. Here are four reasons to hire janitorial cleaning services for your office to help prevent these allergy flares:

  1. Employees Won't Have to Take Medication: When suffering from allergy symptoms, many people will take medications that cause drowsiness. When you have multiple employees taking this type of medication, employee production will decrease, which can make any business run a bit slower than usual. 
  2. Reduce Stress: Allergy symptoms often become worse with heightened stress and since work stress can often come and go in the office space, employees can definitely become even more sick from their allergy symptoms. In the end, you may have employees that have to leave work early or not come in at all. To prevent this, you want to hire janitorial cleaning services to clean the space, which reduces stress and prevents allergy symptoms from flaring up. These are combinations of things that can help ensure increased employee productivity. 
  3. Prevent Allergens from Circulating in the Air:  When the dust and debris are removed from the office space, it won't stay stuck in the carpet or other fabrics in the office. When dust is trapped in fabrics and carpet fibers, it eventually releases back into the air. When this happens, the debris often goes straight into the vents. When the air is turned on, these allergens circulate in the office air, which causes even more allergy flare-ups. Janitorial cleaning services will ensure that the carpets, curtains, couches, and more are thoroughly cleaned and the vents properly dusted to prevent this from happening. 
  4. Remove Mold: Aside from dust and other debris in the office that are causing allergy flares, you may also have mold, especially in the bathroom and break area. Mold can cause allergy flares just as well and other illnesses, as well that are much more than allergies. Mold should be removed right at the first sign to prevent employees from having to take multiple days off work to recover. 

When you know these four reasons for hiring a janitorial cleaning service to prevent allergy flares, you can see why it will be so beneficial. There are many allergy-causing problems in an office space that should be professionally removed by a janitorial cleaning service for the benefit of your business and your employees. 

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