Preserving Your Deck Investment: 3 Tips To Help Restore An Ipe Deck Finish

Decking can become worn and weathered and may need to be refinished in a few years. To give your home a more durable deck you may have invested in a hardwood like Ipe. This material will last longer than typical treated materials, but it will still eventually need to be refinished. If you want to get the most like out of your investment in Ipe decking materials, here are some tips that may help your deck last longer:

1. Remove Damaged Fasteners And Fix Cracks And Crooked Boards

Even though Ipe decking may not warp and become damaged as easily as other materials, over the years, there are still repairs that will need to be done. With Ipe wood, this is usually areas where screws or nails have become loose, and the decking boards need to be refastened to the structure. Go over the structure and look for places where boards are loose. Use wider screws to hold down any boards where you have removed screws. If you have a hidden fastener system, you can do the same with the fasteners. You may need to use a smaller bit to fasten the materials.

2. Clean Decking With A Solution Of Cleaner And Fungicide To Reduce Weathering

Cleaning the decking is important before you apply a sealant. There are special decking products that can be used to clean the wood materials. These products include a fungicide that will help to kill fungus and prevent them from growing. You may also want to try a baking soda cleaning method if you are doing the job yourself. This can be done before you use a deck cleaning product, which may be a good idea if you are planning on having a deck restoration service do the cleaning for you.

3. Applying A Sealant And Wood Protector To Preserve The Clean Look Of Decking

There are also many sealants that can be used for Ipe decking. Many of these are oil-based sealants and some even have colors in them. The clear sealants will preserve the natural look of the wood the best. If you use a colored sealant, be aware that it may cause a painted look on your deck when the sealant begins to age. The good news is that tropical hardwoods are dense and a deck restoration service can remove old unsightly finishes for you that have been applied in the past.

These are some tips that can help you get the most life out of your investment in tropical hardwood decking. If your deck is starting to show signs of wear, contact a deck restoration service to give it a finish and restore it to its original condition. 

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