Four Reasons To Choose An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Company

When you're in the market for a cleaning service for your business or office, you may be inclined to just choose the largest, most established cleaning business in your area. But if you stop and think about employee health and customer comfort, you may realize that an eco-friendly cleaning company could be a better bet, even if it's a younger company. As consumer awareness of the dangers of chemicals rises, more and more green cleaning companies have appeared. Here are four reasons to consider an eco-friendly cleaning company if you can find a high-rated one in your area.

1. Green cleaning can be just as effective as conventional methods 

It's human nature to assume that the stronger the chemicals are, the better they can clean our offices and homes. And in many cases, stronger is actually better (for example, if you're performing mold cleanup); however, in the case of routine cleaning, strong chemicals may be serious overkill, so using more eco-friendly cleaners may be just as effective.

2. Strong chemicals can aggravate respiratory conditions

If any of your customers have respiratory conditions such as asthma, they may be very uncomfortable when visiting a business that has strong chemicals in the air. They may even have an asthma attack if the area has recently been cleaned with conventional cleaners, since cleaning chemicals are a known asthma trigger. An attack is even more likely to happen if the susceptible individual is one of your employees and has to stay in the building for the entire workday.

3. Eco-friendly cleaning companies care about their entire ecological footprint

When you hire an eco-friendly cleaning company, you're not just paying for less invasive and more Earth-friendly cleaning products. Truly green cleaning companies also use other strategies to green their businesses, such as using water-free carpet cleaning methods and driving eco-friendly vehicles.

4. Green cleaning doesn't have to be more expensive

Although "green" services can come with a premium price tag, green cleaning isn't necessarily going to set you back more compared to a conventional cleaning service. It's often reasonably priced, and it can actually save you money and keep your business greener by lowering your water bill, energy usage, and even emissions at carpet-cleaning time. It can also offer added value by helping you work towards your LEED certification.

These four points are just some of the basic reasons you'll benefit from choosing a green cleaning service. Remember to ask the cleaning company for information about the ingredients of their cleaners and about what else they do to help the environment other than eschewing toxic chemicals.

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