3 Additional Services That Dry Cleaners Can Provide

While dry cleaners offer the amazing service of dry cleaning your clothes for you, they also offer several other great services as well. This article will discuss 3 additional services that dry cleaners can provide for you.

Alterations and Repairs 

If you have a garment or other item that you need to have altered, a dry cleaning service is an excellent place to take them. They have experienced seamstresses there who can work with you to make the appropriate alterations for you. If they are altering a piece of clothing, you may need to come in a few different times during the process to ensure that the garment is going to fit how you would like it to. However, when altering other items like curtains, blankets, and so on, you should just be able to drop them off with specific measurements and instructions and they can be completed for you. Also, if you have items that need repairs, such as sewing on a missing button, fixing a tear or hole, or refitting a zipper, these repairs can also be taken care of at the dry cleaners. 

Washing And Pressing

While dry cleaners are obviously going to specialize in cleaning dry clean only items, many of them also offer washing services for normal clothing as well. They have regular washing machines and dryers that they clean your clothes in, and then they also offer pressing services. This is great if you have would like to have some of your clothes cleaned and ironed, and don't have the time to do this task yourself. Also, because the dry cleaners are professionals, they will likely do a better job of pressing your clothes than you could. 

Pick Up And Delivery

Many dry cleaners also offer the service of picking up your dry cleaning and then delivering it back to you once it is clean. Some offer this service for free if you are within a certain radius to the dry cleaning location, while others may charge a reasonable fee. You can even have a set time each week to have the dry cleaners pick up your dry cleaning if you have items each week that you need to have cleaned, as well as a set time for them to deliver them back to you. This gives you the luxury of getting all of your dry cleaning done without ever having to worry about going to the dry cleaners yourself. 

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