How To Keep Dry-Clean-Only Curtains Clean

Do you have curtains with a tag that specifies "dry clean only?" Keeping such curtains clean may seem like a burden if you assume your only option is to take them to a dry cleaner. Thankfully, if you take a proactive approach to cleaning, you should only need to have them dry cleaned about once a year. Here's how to get and keep your dry-clean-only curtains clean.

1. Keep your windows clean.

Often, curtains pick up dust and dirt as they sweep up against dirty windows. If your windows are kept clean, your curtains will stay a lot cleaner, too. So, get into the habit of cleaning your windows once a week. You can use plain old window cleaner on a paper towel most of the time, but occasionally use a squeegee and soap for a more effective clean. Use a cotton swab to get into the corners between the window sashes and the glass, as the curtains can easily pick up dirt from these areas, too.

2. Vacuum the area around and under the curtains.

Curtains also attract dust and dirt from the carpet beneath and around them. Make sure you are vacuuming weekly and especially focusing on the area beneath the curtains. You can even vacuum the curtains themselves to remove dust before it gets ground into the curtain fibers. Use the brush attachment, and hold the curtain gently in one hand while moving the brush gently over it with the other hand.

3. Lint roll the curtains.

Another way to remove some minor grime between dry cleaning appointments is to lint roll your curtains. You can take them down and spread them out on a table to make this easier. Run the lint roller over all surfaces; it will pick up hair, little bits of fuzz, and other debris.

4. Hire an in-home dry cleaning service.

When the time does come to have your curtains dry cleaned, consider hiring an in-home cleaning service rather than actually taking your curtains to the dry cleaners. Such services can clean your curtains in place, so they are not returned to you all wrinkled and bunched up like they might be if you had to take them to the dry cleaner.

With the tips above, you can keep your curtains nice and clean, even if they can't go in your washing machine. Reach out to a local curtain cleaning company for more advice.

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