How To Creat Eh Perfect Christmas Story Inspired Fireplace

If there's one thing that most Christmas stories have in common it's a stocking that's hung with stockings. If you have a chimney and fireplace that you want to make look like it just came out of a Christmas story, then this article is definitely for you. From chimney cleaning to getting a mantelpiece, this article will list a few different things that you can do. Are you ready to learn a little bit more about some of these suggestions? Read on. 

Chimney Cleaning 

If you have a dirty chimney then your Christmas inspired fireplace may quickly turn into a nightmare. To make sure that you really create the perfect ambiance, make sure that you hire a commercial chimney cleaning company to come out and get the job done for you. When you hire a commercial chimney cleaning company they will get rid of dirt, soot, and anything else that's stuck in your chimney to make sure that it is as clean as possible. 

Clean the Fireplace

After you have had your chimney professionally cleaned, then it's time for you to clean your actual fireplace. Depending on how much soot has built up on the inside of your fireplace, it may take you a lot longer to do. Usually, all you will need is a little bit of water, vinegar, and a scrubbing brush. Then all you have to do is work in a circular motion to get everything as clean and tidy as possible. Once the fireplace is clean, then you can put wood in it and get things going. 


To really make your fireplace stand out and look Christmas themed, you will need to have a custom mantle piece made. The fun thing about custom mantle pieces is that you can either have something that's more contemporary or that's ornate. Try meeting with a woodworker and go over some mantelpiece designs so that you can really narrow down what look you are going for. Then from there, they can install it for you around your fireplace to tie the whole look together. 

Creating that perfect Christmas ambiance all starts with the fireplace. To make sure that you have the perfect looking and smelling fireplace, make sure that you have your chimney cleaned, your fireplace cleaned and that you invest in the perfect mantelpiece as well. To learn more about all of these things, make sure that you reach out to a fireplace company today. 

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