Is Roof Cleaning Important?

Roof maintenance and repairs are essential. However, roof cleaning is equally valuable. Depending on the location of your home, algae, moss, and other organisms can collect on top of your roof and make it look unsightly and cause a host of other concerns.

What is Roof Cleaning?

Roof cleaning can be performed in a couple of different ways, sometimes referred to as soft washing and hard washing. Soft washing involves the use of chemicals to breakdown the buildup on your roof. Once the solution is applied, a cleaning professional allows it to rest on your roof for a specific amount of time and then lightly rinses the solution away. 

A hard wash involves the use of a highly-pressured water system to remove the buildup. The type of roof that you have will help to determine the kind of cleaning you have performed. For instance, hard washing is generally not advised for roof's with asphalt shingles, as there is a risk for damage. 

What are the Benefits?

The immediate benefit you can expect from the roof cleaning process is that the entire exterior of your home will look better. Certain growths can completely transform the color of your roof tiles by making them appear several shades darker than they are. 

However, growths like algae and moss don't just look bad. These organisms can promote roof damage. As algae and moss collect on your roof, they can also trap moisture on the roof. Over time, the moisture will damage your shingles and increase the risk of a roof leak. Routine roof cleaning can keep your home looking better, but also help protect the roof. 

How Often Should a Roof Be Cleaned?

A common question among homeowners is just how often they need to have their roof cleaned. One of the first indicators is the look of your roof. If you can no longer see your actual shingles due to the buildup on top of them, you know you need a cleaning. 

However, even if you can't see moss or algae on your roof, it might still be a good time to clean. If you have your roof inspected, the roofing technician should be able to tell you if you have even some small areas of buildup on your roof. Since these organisms typically spread, if you catch them early, you can minimize their growth. So, it's a good idea to clean regularly, such as every so many years, as a proactive measure. 

Having your home's roof cleaned by a professional is a part of your commitment to protecting your home. So, ensure you do your part. Contact an exterior house cleaning service for more help.

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