Common Misconceptions About Dry Cleaning

Keeping your garments clean without causing them to experience unnecessary wear can be a challenge that requires you to be informed about the care instructions that your garments may require. Dry cleaning is a method of cleaning garments that many people do not understand or appreciate, and this can lead to them failing to properly care for their dry clean only garments.

Myth: Dry Cleaning Does Not Use Any Moisture

One assumption that people will have about dry cleaning is that it does not utilize any moisture to clean the garment. However, this is not the case as this method of cleaning will utilize a special chemical mixture to safely extract soil and bacteria from the garments. This solution will then be extracted from the garments using a high-pressure device, which will minimize the amount of time that the fabric stays moist.

Myth: It Will Be Inconvenient To Have Your Clothes Dry Cleaned

Individuals may dislike needing to have their garments dry cleaned due to the need to take these garments to the dry cleaners. For many people, this will represent a trip that is fairly out of the way. However, there are dry cleaning delivery services that provide pickup and delivery for their clients. When using this option, you will simply need to have the dry cleaning in a suitable laundry bag or other containers for when the delivery service arrives.

Myth: Dry Cleaning Services Are Too Expensive

As with other professional cleaning services, there are costs associated with using dry cleaning services. However, individuals should avoid assuming that this will always be expensive. While many of these services will charge a per-garment fee, others may offer bulk pricing that is based on the weight of the garments to be washed. This can allow you to have more of your clothes laundered while also potentially saving substantial amounts.

Myth: No Harm Can Come From Washing Dry Clean Only Garments Yourself

Choosing to ignore the directions calling for dry cleaning can be a mistake that dramatically shortens the life of your garments. In fact, many of these garments may become ruined or severely damaged after a single wash. There are home-based dry cleaning units that individuals can buy so that they are able to launder these garments on their own. However, these devices can be extremely expensive and bulky. As a result, simply arranging for the local dry cleaners to pick up these garments will be the easiest option for having them cleaned.

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