Answers About Water Restoration

If something happened in your home that has caused you to have water damage, then you will likely find yourself having plenty of questions about the process of water restoration. If this is indeed the case, then read the questions and answers here that will likely cover some of the same ones that you are asking.

How does water affect your home?

You know nothing good can come from water in your home, but you may not totally understand the ways it can cause damage. Water can affect the drywall by causing it to disintegrate. The water then makes its way to the insulation and to the wood where it can cause the wood to swell, warp, and eventually rot. Even the glue that has been used to construct certain things, like the cabinets, can dissolve. If you have hardwood flooring, they can also be damaged and end up warped. Carpet would be ruined. Electrical issues can also happen due to exposure to water, which would be a fire hazard. Mold can also grow and pose risks not only to the house but also to the health of those living inside the house.

Why can't you take care of water restoration efforts yourself?

You can mop up water and use your shop vac to remove moisture from your rugs if you get to it in time. However, if you didn't get to the water in time or if there were excessive amounts of it, then this is where the house can be susceptible to a lot of damage. You likely won't have the proper equipment to correctly remove water from all areas and to repair or replace may of the parts of your home that may have been damaged. Also, if the water came from a contaminated source, then there will be health concerns from this as well. Plus, you might not even know where to find a lot of the damage, let alone deal with those damages. Professionals also know what is salvageable and what is not; this is why professional water restoration should be done.

What should you expect during the water restoration process?

Equipment will be set up to dry all that water, including drying areas you may not have even guessed were affected. The equipment is loud, and it can cause the air in the room to feel very dry and uncomfortable, so you may want to stay somewhere else. The house will be monitored to make sure everything is working correctly. Depending on the extent of the damage, construction may be taking place, such as tearing things out and removing them.  Also, anything that was damaged or removed will be replaced so your home looks like it did before the water damage.

To learn more, contact a water damage restoration company.

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