Sealing Pavers: The Why And How

Concrete pavers can add beauty to a garden. They can provide a walking path through your yard, or they can even form a whole patio. But no matter how you use your pavers, it is important to remember one thing: they need to be sealed.

Why do pavers need to be sealed?

Pavers may be small, but they are made from the same concrete used to make patios, sidewalks, and driveways. This means that like all this other concrete, they are porous and can absorb any liquids that end up on their surface. Your driveway, patio, and other concrete surfaces are typically sealed soon after installation. You may not have been aware that your concrete contractor even sealed the surface, but rest assured, it was the last part of their installation process. Pavers, on the other hand, do not always come sealed. And if they do come sealed, that sealant tends to wear off within a few years, especially if you walk on the pavers regularly.

Your pavers should be sealed to prevent them from developing stains and also to preserve them. You don't want water to simply seep down inside the concrete paver, as that would weaken the paver.

How do you seal your pavers?

Before you seal your pavers, give them a good power washing, weed around them, and then give them a day to dry out. On the day you plan on sealing them, sweep them off well. Then, use a sponge paintbrush to apply the sealer. (Make sure you are using a sealer made specifically for outdoor concrete that receives foot traffic.) Use the sponge paintbrush in a back-and-forth motion. The sealer should seep into the pavers as you apply it. There should not be a lot of residue on the surface. If the sealer seems to be pooling on top of the pavers, then you are using too much.

Let this first layer of sealer dry for about 6 hours, and then apply a second coat in the same manner. Let this final coat dry for another 24 hours before you walk on the pavers or place anything else on their surface. 

Sealing your concrete pavers will keep them looking their best and performing their best for many years. There are a lot of good sealers on the market, and if you use one in the manner described above, you will be off to a good start.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers paver sealing services.

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