5 Tips For Keeping Your High-Quality Clothes Looking Great

When you start buying nice clothing, you need to learn how to take care of your nice clothing so that it lasts as long as possible. With high-quality clothing, there are certain things that are important to know when it comes to handling and caring for your garments.

Tip #1: Don't Rub Stains

When you get a stain on your clothing, don't take a rag or paper towel and rub the stain. Rubbing the stain will push whatever got on your clothing further into the fabric and make the fabric even harder to clean.

Instead, if you get something on your clothing, blot at the stain. When you blot, you lightly touch the stain, pull the rag or towel away, move to a clean spot, and blot again. This is a quick movement design to pull the stain away from your clothing, not rub it further into the fibers.

Tip #2: Dry Clean After Wearing an Item 2–3 Times

You don't have to dry clean your clothing every time you wear an item. For an item you wear all day, such as a suit or a dress, you should dry clean the item after wearing the item two to three times.

You want to dry clean items more frequently that are closer to your skin. For example, you would want to dry clean a dress shirt after wearing it a couple of times, but you could dry clean a coat every few weeks.

Tip #3: Dry Clean Your Denim

You can indeed wash your denim in the regular washer and dryer. However, if you dry clean your denim instead, you will get more usage out of it. When you dry clean your denim, the dye will stay in the fabric longer, keeping your denim nice and dark and preventing fading.

Tip #4: Don't Keep Your Dry-Cleaning Garment in the Plastic Covering

When you get an item dry cleaned, the dry cleaner will give it back inside a plastic bag. The plastic bag is designed to protect your clothing temporarily.

When you get home, you will want to take your items out of the plastic bag and hang them up uncovered. If you want to protect the items, transfer them to a fabric garment bag, which is more breathable for long-term storage than a plastic bag.

Tip #5: Dry Clean Items Before Putting Them Away for Long-Term Storage

If you have an item that you get out and tend only to wear once a year, ignore the usual rule of thumb to get an item dry cleaned after you have worn it two or three times.

For items, you wear once and put away until next year, get the item dry cleaned before putting it back into storage. You never want to store an item that could be dirty at all for a long period of time; your leftover sweat and dirt sitting on the garment for months at a time could damage the garment.

If you want your high-quality clothing to last as long as possible, be sure to get it dry cleaned. Dry cleaning your clothing will put less wear and tear on your clothing and allow your clothing to last longer. If you ever have any questions about how to take care of your clothing, talk to your dry cleaner.

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