4 Warning Signs You Need Mold Removal Services

Mold spores aren't always visible. They may be present in your house, and you may take time before you notice their effect. The general rule of thumb is that when you start to see mold or notice early signs, it is time to take action and eradicate it. Since mold is not too common, it may be a little hard for an average homeowner to determine mold growth and take action early.

Nonetheless, with a little knowledge of the warning signs of mold in your home, you could get rid of them quickly and prevent future problems. Here are some signs that you need to schedule residential mold removal.

1. Musty Odors

Have you noticed an odor that reminds you of damp socks prevailing in your home's surroundings? You will probably struggle to determine where the smell emanates from, and sometimes, it can be hard to ignore. You may need professional inspection services to determine whether there's mold growing in your home and undertake mold remediation. Check for areas susceptible to water, such as under the sink, around water heaters, or behind walls that accommodate water pipes.

2. Stains, Dark Streaks, And Discoloration  

It is fairly easier to detect discoloration on materials. Various mold species will assume different colors, such as red, black, white, green, gray, and brown. They can take a fuzzy or slimy discoloration that can be hard to ignore. As the mold continues to spread and feed on the organic material around it, you will notice a more dominant color. It is advisable to take a few samples for testing and call in a professional for mold removal.

3. Unexplained Allergies

Occupants in your home may begin to complain of respiratory and health problems that can't be explained. Allergy symptoms, a scratchy throat, breathing difficulties, skin irritation, eye irritation, and headaches are some health issues you might encounter. If you notice any of these signs and they don't seem to be getting better after you spend time in your home, it is time to call in the mold remediation experts.

4. Stagnant Water or Notorious Water Spots

Stagnant water spots and damp areas create the perfect breeding conditions for mold to thrive. Water stains that won't dry off increase the chances of mold growth, and they should alert you to take action before the real problem sets in.

Before trying out any home remedies for mold growth, consider consulting the professionals. Professional mold removal services prevent all issues associated with mold growth. Ensure you choose reliable mold removal professionals for quality results. 

To learn more, contact a mold removal team.

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