Pressure Washing A Stone Foundation Could Help Home Sellers

A thorough pressure washing could significantly improve a home's exterior looks. Persons interested in selling a property might find pressure washing dramatically increases the curbside appeal. Often, the homeowner will focus on driveways, sidewalks, and other pathways when requesting power washing. What if the house's foundation stands on bricks or stones? The weather and time can be unkind to the stones, leading to the support structure losing its visual luster. Effective pressure washing might restore the original look, which could improve visuals when would-be house shoppers visit.

Pressure Washing Tops Traditional "Elbow Grease" Washing

Some jobs require the right tools and an appropriate professional team. Scrubbing stones that run the entire length and width of a home by hand might turn into a failed weekend. The effort to do such a frustrating task may lead someone to quit not long after starting. Even if someone completes the job, don't expect scrubbing with a brush to clear away years of caked-in dirt and grime. And there are other issues to consider. In areas where homes deal with mild flooding, water stains and more could ruin looks. Pressure washing has a far greater potential to wipe everything away than attempts to scrub things with a brush manually.

Pressure Washing Opens Doors to Painting

A clean look adds much to a home, and a new paint job could deliver even better results. Painting the supporting stones might make them look tremendously better. Pressure washing the stones before painting might be a better plan than painting without washing. Painting over dirt and grime might not lead to the best results. Several coats of paint may be necessary, and the results may remain lacking. Pressure washing the stones may prime them better for a decent paint job.

Dealing with Algae on Homes

The foundation stones may feature the presence of algae. Painting over algae might be an exercise in futility. The same could be true of attempts to hand scrub algae away. Pressure washing could remove it, taking away the distracting green look. Fair or not, algae's presence may hint of neglect. That's not likely helpful to home sellers.

Expanding the Pressure Washing

Washing the stone foundation might be the primary reason to hire a pressure washer, but why stop there? Cleaning any other surface that detracts from the home may beneficial. Since the cleaning crew is already on the job, why not expand the tasks?

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