4 Ways To Keep Your Carpet Clean This Summer

With summer, there is often an increase in traffic around your home. Whether it is the fact that your children are out of school or those extended visits from family, the warmer weather means there will be more time spent inside your home. Unfortunately, this increase in traffic is not always a positive for your carpets, but there are things you can do to keep your carpets cleaner.

1. Start with Clean Carpet

The best way to keep your carpet clean all summer is to start with a fresh slate. One thing about stains is that they are like magnets, in that a new stain and an old stain can connect and become a larger stain that is difficult to remove. Having the carpet cleaned will remove these older stains and refresh the carpet. Not only will a professional cleaning help prevent larger stains, but your carpet will also look better.

2. Keep the Vacuum Near

Traditionally, many homeowners will vacuum their carpet once a week, and that is fine. However, during the summer, when there is more traffic inside your home, you want to vacuum a few times a week, if not every day. Dirt and other particles get tracked inside and settle in the carpet. However, regular vacuuming helps remove these particles before they have a chance to cause a stain, so the more frequently you vacuum, the better. 

3. Set a No-Shoe Rule

Many children enjoy spending half their summer vacation days inside and the other half playing outdoors. It may be helpful to set a no-shoe rule in your home to combat this issue. Essentially, with this rule, you can have a rack or box at the door for your children to place their shows inside as soon as they walk through the door. The idea with this rule is that the fewer particles tracked in on the carpet, the less likely for stains to occur.

4. Create a Play-Zone

For your little one's indoor playtime, you should also consider creating a play zone for play sessions that involve stain-prone items, such as Play-Doh and paint. Ideally, this sort of playtime should occur on a hard surface floor you can easily wipe clean, but if you have to remain on the carpet, you should cover the area first. Either way, when you create a play zone, you are less likely to have an issue with these substances staining the carpet.

Make sure you follow these tips to keep your carpet cleaner and do not hesitate to contact a carpet cleaning professional for help.

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