3 Signs You Need Residential Water Damage Restoration

For the most part, the damage that results from water leakage around your house is pretty evident. But there are instances when you won't realize there is a leak in your plumbing system until the water damage gets out of hand. After all, you cannot compare a burst pipe in your basement to small leaks coming from a hidden pipe.

Your home's structural integrity could be slowly deteriorating without your knowledge, and you wouldn't know there is a problem unless a residential water damage restoration service conducted an extensive inspection around your home. To prevent your residential property value from taking a hit, it's important to curb any water damage as soon as the issue arises. 

Here are telltale signs indicating you should engage a reliable water damage restoration team.

Aggressive Mold Growth

This is an obvious sign your home is currently undergoing water damage because mold only thrives with consistent supply of moisture. If you've never had a mold problem and suddenly you're noticing aggressive mold growth at certain sections of your home, a continuously leaking pipe could be the underlying issue.

While you might be tempted to trace the source of the leak without professional intervention, you're better off contacting a water damage restoration team that's well equipped for the job. They will come on site with equipment that allows them to get to the root of the problem without causing further structural damage.

Bubbling Paint

Bubbling paint is a clear sign that the water pipes behind the wall in question might be leaking. Bubbling or peeling paint is especially hard to miss when you're a homeowner who prides themselves in their residence's seamless interior design.

Aside from setting aside funds to touch up the affected walls, you should contact residential water damage restoration for a comprehensive home assessment. You need professionals to establish the extent of water damage and recommend a suitable solution to the problem before you can repaint the wall.

Water Stains on Ceiling

If you notice brown patches on your ceiling, you might have a leaking roof that's exposing your home's interior to rain water. In case you've lived in your home for years, you might assume that ceiling discoloration is a sign of aging paint.

Even if you're not convinced that it's a sign of water damage, contact a residential water damage recovery professional and tell them your observations. They will come on site to inspect the damage and provide a permanent solution to the underlying problem.

If any of these telltale signs ring a bell, don't hesitate to contact water damage recovery services.

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