Mold Removal In Your Garage, Basement, And Storage Sheds: Why It Matters

Your home and property can be prone to mold just like the next one, and even brand-new properties can have mold in them. With tens of thousands of types of mold out there that can thrive inside and outside your home, you're likely to have your home exposed to at least one type of mold no matter what you do.

Mold removal is important because mold spores left unchecked can and will spread, and while most molds are not super dangerous, they can still cause upper respiratory distress, headaches, and fatigue. Mold in the home can also be unsightly even if it's not dangerous.

You can use mold-resistant sealants and paint to help keep parts of your home that are most prone to mold, like your bathroom and your kitchen, safe. No matter how you tackle your home's potential mold problem, you want to also make sure to take care of the less lived in areas of the home as well, such as your basement, garage, and storage sheds. Here's why mold removal is important in these areas.

They're Not Well-Ventilated

Unless you have fans and open windows in these parts of your property at all times, the odds of these spaces being well-ventilated aren't high. Mold loves nothing more than a warm, damp, and undisturbed area, and your garage, basement, and storage sheds are right where many of your home's mold problems can start. Mold can spread quickly, so have mold removal done not just inside your home, but in the non-ventilated areas of your property as well.

They're Potentially Unsafe

If you breathe in mold spores, you can get sick. Mold and mildew often go hand in hand, and if you spend lots of time cleaning out your basement or using it for storage, working in your garage, or hanging out in your storage sheds, then you can breathe in the unchecked mold and get sick.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if these areas of your property are exposed to mold, not only are you potentially breathing mold spores in, your stored tools, clothing, and other belongings are exposed to mold as well. Clothing and food and be ruined by mold exposure, especially if there is an unchecked moisture problem in your home.

Your home may never be entirely free of mold, but having mold removal done in the least-used areas as well as the more common locations can at least help tone down the exposure and risk. A local mold removal company can give you more information about the mold in your home. 

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