Unexpected High Contact Surfaces Janitorial Services Sanitize

COVID-19 has made business owners more aware of their establishments' sanitation because viruses can rapidly spread when surfaces aren't cleaned. And even as COVID-19 fades and businesses resume normalcy, it's important to carry forward the office maintenance best practices your company picked up when coronavirus was a huge threat.

While all surfaces around your business establishment should be routinely cleaned and sanitized, you should pay particular attention to high contact surfaces that employees and even customers are constantly touching. And since your employees already have their hands full with running your business, consider delegating office cleaning and sanitization to professionals. In this article, you'll discover unexpected high contact surfaces your janitorial service will sanitize.

Fridge and Dispenser

Overlooking the office refrigerator and water dispenser during routine office cleaning is quite easy, yet, they're two appliances that employees and customers are always using. Well, partnering with janitorial services ensures that these two commercial appliances don't become hotbeds for viruses, bacteria, and other disease-causing organisms.

Your office cleaners will be dedicated to cleaning them at regular intervals throughout the course of workdays to ensure there isn't bacteria or germ build-up on them. This way, your employee's health won't be compromised, and your customers won't leave your establishment with a festering infection.


Door handles are what give employees and customers easy access to different sections of your business establishment. Without them, navigating your offices would be a challenge because once the doors slam shut, they won't open.

Every time a client or your employees walk into or out of an office, a doorknob is touched. Imagine just how many hands touch one doorknob in one business day? If one of these people has germs on their palms, the pathogens get exposed to a handful of people. Luckily, your janitorial services won't let this happen because they'll proactively sanitize doorknobs as the workdays progress.

Elevator Buttons 

The last thing that comes to most people's minds when they walk into an elevator cubicle is sanitation. All they want is to get to where they're going in the shortest time possible. After all, elevators in commercial buildings facilitate easy movement from one floor to the next. Well, if you think about how many people touch the elevator buttons in your commercial building, you'll be inclined to keep sanitizing them.

Thankfully, your partnership with janitorial services ensures you don't have to worry about your staff and clients' health. The professionals will take it upon themselves to ensure no viruses are spread due to unsanitized elevator buttons. In fact, they'll sanitize the entire elevator cubicle to clear out any lurking pathogens.

Now that you know the importance of sanitizing high contact surfaces, this is your cue to partner with janitorial services.

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