Signs Your Carpet Needs To Be Pressure Washed

Carpets are great décor pieces. However, you have to clean them often for them to look presentable. Besides, dirty carpets emit unpleasant odors and can trigger allergies among your loved ones. That said, you need to know when your rugs and carpets require deep cleaning. Once you spot these signs, don't hesitate to schedule a carpet pressure washing service.

Stubborn Allergies

Allergies are pretty common during the spring season. However, if your family keeps complaining about allergies past the spring season, your carpets need a thorough cleaning. Carpets can hide dust, pet dander, pollen, and other allergens. Therefore, you need to have them pressure washed by a professional. It's the most effective way to get rid of the particles triggering allergies in your family.

You Haven't Cleaned Your Rug for a Long Time

Most people are used to spot-cleaning their carpets. They rarely give them a thorough wash. Surprisingly, many can't recall when they last cleaned their carpets. If you are one of them, then it's time to get the carpet cleaned by a professional. Cleaning the carpet at home won't cut it as the dirt is deeply embedded in the fibers. Pressure washing is the only method that can dislodge dirt.

Stubborn Stench

Sometimes your carpet will be rocked by foul odors that are quite hard to get rid of. It doesn't matter how many times you vacuum or spot clean the carpet; you'll always have a stench lingering in your carpet. 

Unless you are okay with your house smelling bad, you'll eventually have to find a solution for the stench. Luckily, carpet pressure washing can solve the problem once and for all. So, if you have thought of throwing your carpet away due to a never-ending stench, try pressure washing it.

The Carpet Looks Old

Rugs that haven't been deep cleaned in a long time will always look old. Unfortunately, the old look can be attributed to dirt. Luckily, pressure washing the carpet is enough to restore its looks. A deep clean will make your carpet's fibers look strong and new. So, before you think of replacing the carpet, try pressure washing it, as it might do the trick. 


People with bright-colored carpets always have issues with stains. While most people attempt to spot clean their carpets once grease gets on them, it's not enough to get rid of the stains. You'll need to hire a carpet cleaning service to help remove the stubborn stains. Amazingly, cleaning the carpet with a pressure washer should get rid of the stains.

For more information on pressure washing, contact a professional near you.

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