What Is Softwash Roof Cleaning?

Do you need roof cleaning done? There is a process called softwash roof cleaning that should be considered. First, learn what softwash roof cleaning is. Then, learn how this type of cleaning can benefit you, or even if you need it in the first place. While you may believe that your roof gets cleaned regularly on its own, in the end, your roof may need some additional help in keeping it lasting a long time.

What is softwash roof cleaning?

First, what is softwash roof cleaning? How can this type of cleaning benefit you? Also known as softwashing, this is a roof cleaning style that involves using low-pressure water with some cleaning chemicals to clean a roof. It's done by a professional who knows how to manage the pressure washing levels (this prevents damaging shingles and other rooftop surfaces) and also uses their skills to make roofs nice and clean.

What does softwash roof washing do?

If you have mold or mildew on your roof, if your roof is covered in insect and bird droppings, or if your roof is covered in sap from trees, you may need more than just traditional pressure washing to make your roof clean. You may also have to tackle removing buildup and debris from your roofing materials in order to keep your roof in its best condition.

You can use this method of roof washing on several types of roofs, although asphalt roofs may be the most common roofing style that gets treated with this type of cleaning process.

How does softwash roof cleaning benefit you?

You want your roof to last a long time. Part of what makes your roof last longer is cleaning the roof and removing gunk and debris that can weigh your roof down. In the end, you have to maintain your roof just like you maintain any other part of your home. You may only have to get a softwash roof cleaning done periodically to have great and lasting results.

Since this type of roofing service costs around $606 (you may pay more or less depending on the size of your roof), it's wise to invest in this service. It's not too much to help preserve your roof, and your softwash roofing professional can even work out a payment plan with you or just treat specific areas of your roof to help you get the results you need.

For more information on softwash roof cleaning, contact a professional near you.

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